What is important to me is that I have the great good fortune to spend my days doing something I love, and being given the opportunity to make a difference in the world.

— Zahi Hawass

Fan E-mail & Questions answered by Dr. Hawass

Dr. Hawass does his very best to answer e-mail send to him by fans. If you have a question yourself, or wish to share something, use the contact form to send your Fan Email. If you are lucky, we might even publish your e-mail and it's answer here on the website.

  • Hello Dr Zahi Hawass

    My name is Ella Kalantarian. I am a big fan of yours. When I grow up I would want to be a Egyptologist. I love studying about Egypt. I read the book called CURSE OF THE PHARAOHS it was a very good book. I read about Carter and heart attacks and the curse, it was wonderful. I wish I knew Arabic but all of the people I know are too busy to teach me but I really wish that I knew. Oh yeah, that girl named DINA I read about her I think she is very lucky to see you. I wish I could see you, that would be a dream. Please write back to me. My question is how much money do you get and how much do you need to know at the age of 11 to know a lot about Egypt . That is my question. I have seen you on TV. I could never miss one of the history that you tell younger people. I think it is amazing that you're in charge of Giza. Please write back, it would be a honor. I love the things about you, you're my role model!

    -ur #1 fan Ella Kalantarian

    PS: I am from Armenia we have a lot of the same food and and tiny words with Arabic but that's not enough to speak it and my mom got the book you wrote she and I read it and we were amazed she likes archeology too.

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  • Dear Dr. Hawass

    I enjoy visiting your site and every time I do, I see something new and exciting. What are your plans to balance tourism and conservation of monuments at Giza?

    This will be a monumental task.


    Steve LeMaster
    Webmaster/Chief Moderator

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