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Conference on the cache at Karnak
Conference on the cache at Karnak

 The Cachette of Karnak. New perspectives on Georges Legrain's discoveries.

International Colloquium. Luxor, 29-31 January 2011

More than 100 years after its discovery by G. Legrain, the famous Karnak cachette has not yet revealed all of its secrets. Hundreds of statues and ritual objects were found in this huge sacred deposit buried in the temple of Amun. As a result, this cache has become an incredibly rich source of information on Theban religion, Egyptian history and art. Nevertheless, many objects are still unpublished and the purpose and date of the deposit itself remain in doubt. Building on the launch of the IFAO-SCA Karnak database project (, the aim of this international colloquium is to bring together specialists involved in the study and publication of objects from the Karnak cachette and researchers working on caches as ritual or historical events.

The lectures will be delivered in French, English or German.
The colloquium will be chaired by Prof. Ali RADWAN.
The list of speakers includes : Helmut BRANDL, Betsy BRYAN, Laurent COULON, Richard FAZZINI, Emmanuel JAMBON, Karl JANSEN-WINKELN, Raymond W. JOHNSON David KLOTZ, David LORAND, Frédéric PAYRAUDEAU, Olivier PERDU, Daniel POLZ, Campbell PRICE, Ute RUMMEL, Hassan SELIM, Cynthia May SHEIKHOLESLAMI, Hourig SOUROUZIAN, Dominique VALBELLE, Pascal VERNUS.
The opening session will be held at the Mubarak Public Library of Luxor on Saturday, January 29th, 2011 at 6 PM.
The full program will be published shortly.
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