Many people make the mistake of thinking that dreams cannot come true, but they can. You have to believe, and know that they are more than just imagination.

— Zahi Hawass

Visuals & Media

Wecome to Zahi Hawass' media page. Here we will share videos about Dr Hawass. In the mean while, you can take a look at his welcome message (click the 'play' button on the right), or browse further:

Zahi Hawass' Photoblog

Photo's from Zahi Hawass' adventures all over Egypt & the World. High quality images from his latest discoveries, the people he meets, and the colleagues he works with.

Video about Dr. Hawass on CNN, BBC, ...

Dr. Hawass receives quite a lot of media attention! Here you will find an overview in chronological order of mentions of him and his archaeological team in various media outlets. Visit this page to read interviews, watch videos, and browse articles on his discoveries...

Photoblog: Click the photographs to see a larger version, or visit the Photoblog overview.

Video: Zahi Hawass takes you inside the new tombs at Saqqara, the Valley of the Kings, and the temple of Taposiris Magna. See the tombs of Nefret-swt and Qar, and come along on the search for KV64 and the tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony!