Amazing Saqqara Discovery Announced Today!!

Dr. Zahi Hawass announced a major discovery at the ancient necropolis site of Saqqara. The discovery comes after several seasons of excavations at the cemetery surrounding the pyramid of King Teti, the first king of Dynasty 6. The mortuary temple dedicated to the cult of Teti’s wife. The temple was the main center for rituals and offerings presented for the cult of the queen to sustain and revive her soul in the afterlife. In addition to the temple remains, the excavations also brought to light several New Kingdom coffins, shabtis, a 4-meter long papyrus of the Book of the Dead, in addition to a statue of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris. The cemetery predates the date of the coffins by at least 800 years, which adds another pieces of the puzzle to reconstruct the history of the site.


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