Brazil honors Zahi Hawass

Part of the Egyptian government’s campaign to promote tourism to Egypt, Zahi Hawass was invited to give a public lecture at the city of Curitiba in Brazil for 500+ persons. On his arrival, Dr. Hawass was received by the Head of the City Council in a celebration to honor him for his efforts in the field of culture and heritage preservation and in promoting Egypt’s heritage throughout the whole world as Cultural Heritage Ambassador.

The lecture covered his recent discoveries and studies, including the Royal Mummy Project, the discovery of the cause of death of Tutankhamun, the recent discovery of Wadi al Jarf papyrus, and the Sarcophagus of Alexandria. He also announced that he is currently searching for the tomb of Tutankhamun’s wife, and the tomb of Queen Nefertiti at the Valley of the Monkeys.

Dr. Hawass invited all Egyptology enthusiasts in Brazil to visit Egypt during the lecture that was followed by a book signing for his newly published book, “Secret Egypt with Zahi Hawass,” which was translated to Portuguese.


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