Dr Hawass was honored in Oman in Salah City during their third conference in Tourism and heritage when the organizer gave him the prize of the prime in Archaeology and the prize of Man of the year in tourism got it Mr. Kamel Abou Ali the famous businessman and Mr. Fouda the governor of Sinai got different three prizes.

On the other side Dr. Zahi held a conference where he spoke about the importance of tourism in the Arab countries. He also said that all the Arab countries have very important monuments and we only need to prove to the world that the Arab countries are all safe. Especially that we owe the greatest civilizations within the Arab world and we care about tourism. 

Hawass also spoke about the great national project that is in progress in Egypt now and it’s the Great Egyptian Museum that will be opened soon by the end of the year to be linked with the area of the pyramids and Sphinx airport.