Dr Zahi gives a free lecture at Nat Geo Live in Washington DC on October 28th

Join renowned archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass for an in-depth look at the rich legacy of Egypt’s ancient civilization and an overview of recent discoveries.

DATE & TIME: Wednesday October 28th 2015 at 2:00 PM

LOCATION: National Geographic Society, 1600 M Street, NW 20036 Washington, D.C., US

TICKETS: FREE! Book your seat at http://tickets.nationalgeographic.com/single/SelectSeating.aspx?p=5146

With his entertaining and authoritative style, Egypt’s former minister of antiquities and director of excavations at Giza, Saqqara, and the Bahariya Oasis will examine the Great Pyramids and Sphinx and take you into the tombs where the remains of the builders of the pyramids lie. Dr. Hawass will also discuss the discovery of King Tut’s family and how modern technology continues to reveal ancient secrets in archaeology. You’ll get an up-to-date insider’s look at other captivating archaeological stories from Egypt’s past, including the discovery of the mummy of Queen Hatshepsut, the search for Queen Nefertiti, and Dr. Hawass’s work on excavations seeking the tombs of the legendary lovers Cleopatra and Mark Antony. Dr. Hawass’s book, Discovering Tutankhamun: From Howard Carter to DNA, will be available for sale and signing following this event.

Presented in cooperation with the Egyptian Tourism Authority

Dr Hawass during the mummy DNA project