1987: Ph.D. in Egyptology University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

1983: M.A. in Egyptology and Syro-Palestinian Archaeology University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

1979: Diploma in Egyptology Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

1967: B.A. in Greek and Roman Archaeology Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt

Honorary Doctorates

2021: Russian State University for the Humanities
2017: San Ignacio de Loyola, Peru
2016: University of New Bulgaria-Bulgaria
2010: New University of Lisbon Portugal
2010: University of Veliko Tarnovo Bulgari
2009: Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University Thailand
2009: Universidad Catolica Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
2005: American University in Cairo Egypt


2021: “Tourism and how to promote Tourism after COVID 19” in Riyadh -Saudi Arabia,
arranged by the Saudi Ministry of Tourism.
2009: “Excavations at the Valley of the Kings,” First International Conference on the Valley
of the Kings, Luxor.
2004: “Recent Excavation at Giza,” Ninth International Congress of Egyptologists, Grenoble,
2000: “The Valley of the Mummies,” Eighth International Congress of Egyptologists,
American University in Cairo “Site Management and Conservation,” Eighth
International Congress of Egyptologists, American University in Cairo
1998: Paper on Engineering and Site Management at Giza, the American Association of Civil
Engineering, Boston
1996: Paper on Tourism and Culture, UNESCO, Paris Paper on Site Management at Giza,
BIT, Milan, Italy
1992: “The Workmen’s Camp at Giza: Review of Settlement,” House and Palace
Symposium, Austrian Institute, the Geographic Society, Cairo
1990: “Old Kingdom Statues found at Giza,” at the Old Kingdom Egyptian Art Symposium
at the German Institute in Cairo
1991: “Recent Excavation at Giza,” Sixth International Congress of Egyptology, Turin, Italy
1988: “The Cult of Khufu, Khafra and Menkaura at Giza,” Fifth International Congress of
Egyptology, Cairo, Egypt
1982: “Site Problems in Egypt concerning Earthquakes and the Water table,”International
Congress for the Preservation of Monuments, National Academy of Science,
Conference on the Protection of Historic Architecture and Museum Collections,
Washington, D.C.
1982: “Excavations at the Giza Pyramids,” one of seventy invited papers at the Third
International Congress of Egyptology, Toronto, Canada
1982: “Excavations northeast of the Sphinx,” American Research Center in Egypt Annual
Meeting, Boston, MA
1981: “Kom Abou Bellou Excavations,” Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities
Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada
1976: “Kom Abou Bellou Excavations,” First International Congress of Egyptology, Cairo,


2021: Lecture about Recent discoveries at the Egyptian academy in Rome.
2021: Lecture at the public Library in Bowling Green, Kentucky USA
2021: Lecture for the city of Cortona Valley, Italy
2021: Lecture for the city of Palermo, Italy
2021: Lecture for Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia.
2021: Lecture for the Paleontology Research Center, Moscow, Russia.
2020: Lecture at the Egyptian Academy of Rome.
2017: Public Lecture in Kuwait at Dar el-Athar el-Islamiya
2017: Public Lecture in Turkey at the Heritage Istanbul Conference: Restoration,
Archaeology, and Museum Technologies.
2017: Public lecture in Stockholm
2016: Oxford Debate- Repatriation of cultural and archaeological collections
2016: Public lectures at Cairo University, Mansoura University, Fayoum University
2016: Public lecture at the Warren County Public library, USA
2016: Public lecture in Bulgaria
2016: Public lecture in Perth, Australia at the Opening of the Kling Tutankhamun exhibit.
2016: Public lecture for the women international club at the United Nation
2016: Public lecture at the house of Sheikh Ibrahim in Bahrin
2016: Public lectures in Grand Rapids Museum and New York
2016: Public lectures in Bologna – Florence and Siena
2015: Keynote speaker at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and Bowers Museum
2015: Public lectures in Munich
2015: Public Lecture at the Consulate General of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Chicago,
United States
2015: Public Lectures in Russia university –Manila- United states and Italy
2014: Public lectures
– de Young Museum in San Francisco, CA 94118
– Union Station in Kansas Cit
– Museum of Art, Oklahoma City
– Art Museum in Reno
– Two lectures at Sierra Nevada College
– University of Arizona, Tuscon
– Public lecture in Madrid and Mexico to promote tourism to Egypt on behalf of
Egyptian Ministry of Tourism
– Public lecture at Santa Barbara, USA
2013: Public lecture in Montreal and Toronto to promote Tourism to Egypt on behalf of
Egyptian Ministry of Tourism
– Public lecture in Egypt to promote the book “Discovering Tutankhamun: from
Howard Carter to DNA”, published by AUC
– Lecture at the British University in Egypt
– Lecture at UCLA for the California group
– Public lectures in six German cities to promote tourism to Egypt on behalf of
Egyptian Ministry of Tourism
– Lectures in Nurnberg, Geneva and in London to promote the book “Discovering
Tutankhamun: from Howard Carter to DNA”
2011: Lecture at power museum
– Lecture at Minneapolis for king Tut Exhibit
– Lecture at Kansas city for king Tut Exhibit
– Public lectures in Minneapolis, sponsored by Museum of Science, lecture in
Cincinnati, lecture at LA County Museum, Power Museum in Orange County,
California, and at the Art Museum in Reno, Nevada
2010: Public lectures in Toronto, San Francisco, New York City, Denver and Frankfurt
2009: Lecture at the White House
– Public lecture at the Universidad Católica Santo Domingo
– Public lecture in December at the British Museum, London
– Public lecture in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Fox Theatre attended by 4,500 people.
– Public lecture in Dallas, Texas, where I was introduced by Laura Bush.
2006–2009: Public lectures about my excavation in many museums and universities in the United States: the Philadelphia University Museum; Irvine Auditorium, The
University of Pennsylvania; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; The Field
Museum, Chicago; The Art Museum, San Francisco; the Power Museum, California;
Sierra College at Lake Tahoe, California, and further lectures at the Opera House,
Seattle, and Indianapolis. I also gave a lecture at the Millennium Dome, London.
1000 – 4500 people attended all these lectures, with tickets.
2006: Lecture on Tutankhamun at the Field Museum, Chicago Lecture on Hatshepsut at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Lecture on Tutankhamun at the Museum of
Art, Fort Lauterdale, FL
2005–2010: Public lectures for king Tut Exhibit in LA Country Museum – Field Museum in Chicago – Irvine Auditorium in Philadelphia – University of Pennsylvania –
Broadway – New York – Toronto – Canada – Indianapolis Children Museum.
2005: Lectures on Tutankhamun at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles
2004: University of Dublin University of Copenhagen
2003: Lecture at the British Museum on the occasion of its 250th year
2002–2006: Public lectures in many cities in the United States, Europe, and Japan Lectures to WPO organization in Kansas City, Los Angeles, and Egypt about my discoveries at Bahariya Oasis and the pyramids 2002: Many lectures in Egypt to the Rotary Club, Lions, and at universities
2000–2011: Lectures to American groups for Abercrombie and Kent – Quest Tours
2000–2006: National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence lectures: Field Museum, Chicago; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Los Angeles County Museum, Los
1999: Public VIP lectures given to Queen Sofia in Madrid, Queen Beatrix of Holland with
the royal family at Leiden Museum
1999: Lecture in front of Queen Margrete Alexandria Torildur Ingrid of Denmark in
1997: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles The Fowler Museum, University of
California, Los Angeles Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX: “The Great Pyramid of
Khufu” The Egyptian Academy, Rome Lecture at A.R.E., Virginia Beach, VA on
the controversy surrounding the Pyramids and the Sphinx Metropolitan Museum of
Art, New York: “Women in Ancient Egypt” Lectures on recent discoveries at
Heidelberg University, Berlin University, Munich University Lecture at the Musee du Louvre, Paris
1996: Lecture tour to the United States to promote tourism in Egypt: University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles County Museum of Art American Research Center in
Egypt-southern California University Museum of Southern Methodist University,
Dallas Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Field Museum, Chicago University
Museum, Philadelphia Lecture to the Press Club, Washington, D.C.
1995: Public VIP lectures were given to King Gustav of Sweden
1995: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
1994–1995: Lecture to the Association for the Friends of Egypt, University of Copenhagen,
Denmark; public lectures on the Pyramids and the Sphinx
1994: The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
1993: Lectures on the Pyramids at: University of California, Los Angeles Natural History
Museum, Los Angeles Orange Coast College, Orange County, CA University of
California, Fullerton Harvard Club, New York Walters Gallery, Baltimore
University of Pittsburgh History Museum of Science, Houston Hamilton University,
NY Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York The University Museum Pennsylvania
Iowa State University The Press Club in Ottawa, Canada
1992: Musee du Louvre, Paris: “Recent Discoveries at Giza” Charles University, Prague,
Czechloslovakia: two lectures on “The Cult of Khufu, Khafra, and Menkaura at Giza
and Recent Discoveries “
1990–1991: Lecture tour on “Recent Discoveries at the Giza Pyramids” at universities and
museums across the United States, including: University Museum, Pennsylvania;
Cleveland Museum of Art; Denver Museum of Natural History
1988–1997: Public lectures for Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, and other service and social clubs in Cairo, Alexandria, and Port Said about archaeological problems in Egypt and
about recent discoveries
1988–1989: Public lectures on the Pyramids at approximately 20 museums and universities in the United States
1987: “The Secret of the Sphinx and the Pyramid” presented at: Northwestern University,
Chicago, IL Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA Rosicrucian Museum, San Jose, CA
University of California, Berkeley, CA University of California, Los Angeles, CA
1986: University of South Florida, Lakeland, FL Smithsonian Institution Washington, D.C.
Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY
1985: Museum of Natural History, Denver, CO
1983–1984: Penn State University State College, PA University of Colorado, Ft. Collins, CO
SAIS John Hopkins University, Washington D.C. Georgetown University,
Washington, D.C. American University, Washington, D.C. Orange County College,
Middleton, NY Tufts University, Boston, MA Skidmore Owings (architectural firm)
1981–1986: Public lectures concerning the Pyramids, Sphinx, and other topics relevant to
Egyptian Civilization for the Education University Museum, University of
Pennsylvania. Travel to various communities in Pennsylvania, including Altoona,
Pittsburgh, Williamsport, Bethlehem, and Allentown; and to Pennsylvania State
Universities at Bloomsburg, Kutztown, Indiana, EastStroudsburg, Stroudsburg, and
1980: The American Research Center in Cairo, Egypt
1977: Charterhouse Motor Inn, Washington D.C.; Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.; The University Museum, University of Pennsylvania; Department of Classical
Studies, Duke University, Raleigh, NC; Department of History, Old Dominion
University, Norfolk, VA; Harvard University, Cambridge, MA; College of Local
Art, Boston University, MA; Department of History, University of Michigan, Ann
Arbor, MI; Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY; History Department,
Wright State University, Dayton, OH; Fine Arts Department, University of
Colorado, Boulder, CO; Rocky Mountain College, Billings, MT; Stanford Research
Institute, Menlo Park, CA; Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco; M.H. DeYoung
Memorial Museum, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco; Program Committee and
Inner Forum, Boise State University; Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada


2013–present: Archaeological Paths Tour Group.
January 2018: Lecture at Domotex 2018 for the launching ceremony of Oriental Weavers
new collection in his honor, Hanover, Germany.
2012–2017: Lectures for tours in Egypt arranged by Archaeological Paths Tour Company.
2014: Lectures to American group in Egypt – March and November.
2000–present: Public lectures in Egypt to tourist groups and groups from different
organizations, such as the Smithsonian.
1997: Los Angeles County Museum of Art
1995-1997: University of California, Los Angeles Extension Tour
1992: Lectures for W.P.O. MEDIA
• Queen Sofia and Queen Beatrix of Holland
• Queen Sonia of Norway
• Emperor of Iran and the Emperor Shah Bani
• Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter
• President Mary McAleese of Ireland
• David Rockefeller
• Secretary Hillary Clinton
• Former U.S. President Bill Clinton
• President Vladimir Putin
• Tony Pillar, Former Secretary of State
• Alexander Haig
• President Barack Obama
• Former First Lady of the U.S.A. Laura Bush
• King Philippe of Belgium
• Roger Moore at Bahriya Oasis
• Jeffrey Katzenberg with Hugh Jackman, Ben Steller, and Chris Rock, Salma Hayek,
Greg Norman, Chris Evart, Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney
• Jacqueline Bisset and Danny Glover
• Shakira, Elle MacPherson, Beyonce Knowles, Margaret Hemingway
• Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Susan Sarandon
• Megan Fox, Michael Bay, Shia LaBeouf, and Sting
• Naomi Campbell, Adriana Lima, Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry
• JR, Lorenzo Queen, Pharrell