From the heart of New York City: Egypt is Safe

On August 13, 2019 Archaeological Paths launched its new advertising campaign with displaying the brand-new commercial spots on one of the largest digital billboards found in Times Square, in the very heart of New York City. The company’s new commercial is on display for the next 30 days. In the evening, there was a spectacular photo session with a special participation of Dr. Zahi Hawass – the world’s most famous archaeologist. The session was followed by a remarkable gala dinner party attended by renowned Egyptian and American figures, as well as the American archaeologists from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Among all invited guests were John F.W. Rogers – Executive Vice President of the Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., Hani M. Nagi – Deputy Consul General of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Dr. Bob Brier – Egyptologist, and Margaret Phillips – Associate Investment Management Division provided by Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC. Archaeological Paths strongly believes that this advertising campaign in the heart of New York with Dr. Zahi Hawass’ participation is the real voice of Egypt in the United States. Times Square is one of the best-known locations in New York and the United States, visited by 80 million people during the summer vacation period. More information on Royal Egypt Tours organized by Archaeological Paths you can find on its website:

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