In the media

2020: Ministry of Antiquities Media Center: Promotion of Architectural Sites in Egypt
2019–2020 Discovery Chanel film on the West valley of the Kings
2019: CNN on the grand opening of the GEM
2019: Live from Al Ghureifa
2018–2020: Press coverage in Los Angeles and Paris regarding the exhibit of tutankahmun
2018–2019 Label News – Francois Pomes above the pyramids and search for the Nile
2018: Today’s Show on the occasion of premiering the film the Mummy
2016: Interview Hardtalk-BBC
2016: interview 60 minutes program – Sidney about the so called Tomb of Nefertiti
2010: A profile by Italian TV about my life
2010: National Geographic, Tunnels and Underground Passages T.V. Show
2010: History Channel, Chasing Mummies; Today Show interview with Matt Lauer for
Chasing Mummies 2009: Discovery Channel, King Tutankhamun’s Family
2008: Discovery Channel, Top 10 Discoveries
2008: CNN, profile 6 minutes 2008: My Cairo, BBC World Wide
2007: “Secrets of Egypt’s Lost Queen” a documentary for the Discovery Channel on the
identification of the mummy of Queen Hatshepsut
2007: National Geographic, King Tutankhamun Many documentaries with theHistory
Channel, National Geography, the Discovery Channel, and Nova
2006: Discovery Channel, Cleopatra
2006: Reception of T.V. Amy Award for a T.V. documentary made by David Jackson
2005–2009: TV programs in Japan on WHK and NTV Dec.
2008: five hour program on NTV Japan about my work
2005: Profiled in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, as well as many German and
French magazines
2000–2006: Many public appearances on CNN, Today Show, Good Morning America,
Discovery, National Geographic, Nova, History Channel Also, German, French, and
Japanese Television
2000: 52 minutes profile by National Geographic; profiles by CBS, German TV “Live from
Giza” on National Geographic Television
2001: “Live from Bahariya Oasis” on Fox Television
2000: “Live from Giza” on Fox Television March
1999: Live prime time production for Fox Television with Maury Povich
1990–present: Script for documentary films “The Riddle of the Pyramids” “The Golden Age
of the Pharaohs” “The Legacy of the Pharaohs”
1990: “The Today Show;” Evening Magazine; films on the statues of Ramses II
1988: “Good Morning, America with Joan Lunden;” a documentary film on “The Mystery of
the Pyramids” with Omar Sharif
1987–1997: Documentary films on Egypt and the Pyramids for the B.B.C.; “Nova,” the
Learning Channel; Discovery Channel; ABC; and others Numerous appearances on
CNN speaking about the discoveries and preservation of Egyptian monuments;
numerous Egyptian magazine, newspaper, and television appearances and interviews
presenting various articles on Egyptian history and archaeology; numerous
appearances on news programs on European, Japanese, and Australian television,
Newspaper articles about the Pyramids and other monuments of Egypt for the
Associated Press, Reuters, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and others. Many
media interviews for the History Channel, NOVA, National Geographic, Discovery
Channel, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and other numerous television
appearances around the world.
2021: The Story for the Tutankhamun Opera
2019: The Script of the Sound and Light Show, Giza. For the Saweris Company.