Owen, is one of the youngest fans of Dr Zahi. He had the opportunity to meet him in person at his lecture which had place in Denver few days ago. As many boys he is very curious, and he is fascinated with Egypt.

Few years ago, looking for the oldest game on Google he found out the ‘Senet’ but he wanted to know its rules.

Now in his letter he wants to tell a very nice story about what happened thanks to his curiosity.

Hello Dr Zahi. It is nice to finally meet you in person.
My name is Owen and I’ll be 12 years old tomorrow. I am here to tell
you about how I met Dr Zahi. I’ve been fascinated with Egypt and
Egyptology for as long as I can remember.
I was in scouts a few years ago – creating a game – then I got curious
“What is the oldest game found?”
I googled it and found the Egyptian game called ‘Senet,’ but I could
not find the rules.
My dad suggested I email the person who knows and my mom helped me
email Dr Zahi.
A little while later, my mom got an email from a reporter who asked if
I wanted to meet Dr Zahi via zoom to talk about Senet and his latest
discovery in Egypt.
I was soooo excited!!
Dr Zahi was in Saqqara when I got to zoom with him at his digsite!
I showed him the Senet game that I made myself and he told me about
his discoveries in Egypt. He found the tomb of Queen Nit and in the
tomb he had found the game Senet in it!
That was the most incredible thing I’ve heard!
Dr Zahi even took the time to explain some of the rules of Senet and
told me I made a great copy of the game.
I really appreciated the opportunity to talk to you that day, over two
years ago.
I want to thank my mom and dad, grandma and sister for taking me on
this birthday trip.
And, I want to thank you, Dr Zahi, for letting me and my family stay
in touch with you throughout the years and inviting me here to listen
to you speak. It is something I will never forget’.