9th of June, New York lecture in the conference center, With an audience of more than 1800 seats. Before the lecture there was a demonstration organized by the black people in front of the entrance of the center. They were carrying a big sign that says that Egypt is a black civilization and also handing out leaflets that ask for taking back my PhD certificate which I took from University of Pennsylvania. They ask for removing this certificate from me because they claim that I fake history and I mess with it they claim also that the Arab have raped their culture and took their Egyptian Civilization which is not right because as we know Kush kingdom had ruled Egypt in the 25th dynasty in the late era of the history and Egypt’s civilization is not black but this demonstration was the fourth after the ones in Los Angles, San Diego and San francisco.

After the lecture the millionaire Ankur has held a party to host all the great people working in the media and also the Mayor of New York Eric Adam has attended this party that hosted around 30 important international characters as an appreciation party after what happened in New York.