Pic of the Day


Painting from the tomb of Queen Tawosret/King Sethnakht, New Kingdom, 19th/20th Dynasty – King’s Valley 14, Western Thebes, Valley of the Kings – This is a detail from the final scene of the Book of Caverns, painted inside the tomb of Queen Tawosret, last pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty, which was later reused and extended by King Sethnakht, first pharaoh of the 20th Dynasty. The Book of Caverns ends, like most of the Netherworld books, with the rebirth of the sun at dawn. Dominating the scene is the winged ba of the ram-headed sun god, preparing to rise between two mounds of earth. Above him can be seen the sun in various other forms: as a disk, a scarab beetle, and a child.

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