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golden shrine of a statue-carter108(B)


From A Secret Voyage by Zahi Hawass and Sandro Vannini

Golden shrine of a statue-carter108 – Detail of the golden shrine of a statue, from the funerary equipment of Tutankhamun – New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty – From Western Thebes, Valley of the Kings, Tomb 62 – (carter 108), Cairo, Egyptian Museum – This shrine is one of the masterpieces from Tutankhamun’s tomb because of the accuracy of its manufacturing and the beauty of its details. The shrine was found in the tomb’s antechamber, and it contains many scenes. On this side of the shrine are scenes in two registers. The top register is divided into two parts. On the left side, the King is facing the Queen who is offering him a sistrum and a menat necklace. On the right side, the King is seated on a chair wearing the blue crown. His hand is on the armrest of the chair. The Queen stands in front of him. She holds flowers and pours a libation for the King.

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