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Ramesses II at the feast of the valley-JE43591


From A Secret Voyage by Zahi Hawass and Sandro Vannini

Relief showing Ramesses II at the Feast of the Valley – Reign of Ramesses II, New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty – From Western Thebes – This relief shows King Ramesses II with his Vizier Paser in front of the barque of Amun. This scene is from the beautiful Feast of the Valley, which was celebrated every year during the second month of the harvest season (summer). During this feast, the sacred barque of Amun-Ra carried the god’s statue, leaving the temple of Karnak to visit the funerary temples of dead kings on the West Bank. Here Ramesses II offers incense to the divine image of Amun-Ra and below is Amenemopet kneeling before the barque of Amun with its ram head.

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