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canopic vase-JE39637 c


From A Secret Voyage by Zahi Hawass and Sandro Vannini

Canopic lid, from the Funerary Equipment found in the Amarna Cachette – New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty – From Western Thebes, Valley of the Kings, Tomb 55 – Cairo, Egyptian Museum – Many scholars believe that Kiya was the mother of King Tutankhamun. This canopic jar was found with other artefacts in tomb KV 55 in the Valley of the Kings. This tomb, called Amarna Cachette, held many other Amarna artefacts, such as the Akhenaten coffin. This vessel has a human head in the shape of Kiya herself. The facial features on the lid of the canopic vase are a splendid example of Amarna art exported to Thebes.

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