Portraits of Light

” Dear Mister Zahi Hawass, It was something nice to make your portrait with my cameras Hasselblad & Linhof (the ones who have photographed all the statues and monuments of Kings and Queens of the great spiritual kingdom of  Ancient Egypt) and this,… at the feet of the Sphinx of Gizeh ! I feel honored, really! Of course I have to go back to my darkroom my alchemy room from the word ‘El Kemit’ one of the name of  Ancient Egypt, and do this “magical ritual “ that we call the development of the films and,… yess,  this fragile moment is magic! It get us in relation with the fragility of the concept of time. Analogue photographie is something special as it brings you in relation in time and space with the subject you photography (from mineral to human) and the relation is, the Light! ” Karoline Amaury

For more photos of ancient Egypt by the wonderful artist and photographer Karoline Amaury, check her website: https://www.karoline-amaury.org/

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