Dr. Zahi Hawass, the Legendary Archaeologist

Dr. Mostafa Waziri, Egypt’s Head of Antiquities

Dr. Khaled El-Enany, The First Minister of Tourism & Antiquities in Egypt

Join the most exciting and exclusive tour of Egypt ever offered! Visit the Land of the Pharaohs with the most famous archaeologist in the world – Dr. Zahi Hawass. He has revolutionized our understanding of ancient Egypt and now he takes you on a private journey to explore the country’s greatest monuments.

You will also have a unique opportunity to meet one of Egypt’s most influential Egyptologists. You’ll join Dr. Mostafa Waziri, Egypt’s Head of Antiquities, to learn secrets never before revealed. To enrich your experience of Egypt even further, you will meet Dr. Khaled El-Enany, The First Minister of Tourism & Antiquities in Egypt.

Explore the wonders of the ancient Egyptian civilization including the enormous Karnak and Abu Simbel temples, the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, and much more! The Royal Egypt Tour provides unparalleled access to the wonders of ancient Egypt and offers special entries to sites that are off-limits to the general public:

  • Visit the most iconic historic site in the world, THE GIZA PLATEAU, outside regular hours for an intimate and crowd-free experience.
  • Discover Luxor Temple after everyone else has left for the day – a true VIP experience.
  • Only with us will you stand between the paws of the Great Sphinx
  • Thanks to special permission granted by the Minister of Antiquities, you will see the Tombs of the Pyramid Builders in Giza, an active excavation site.
  • Gain exclusive access to the places closed to the public!

Throughout the tour, you stay in the finest and historic 5-star hotels, sail on a luxury Nile cruise ship, dine on delicious local cuisine and embrace the unique Egyptian culture. With Archaeological Paths you will experience Egypt like no one else!

Dr. Zahi Hawass: No one can tour Egypt like this. Except for you – when you come and join me. You will visit many unique sites that very few people can see. You will be treated like royalty, this is why we call it the Royal Tour.

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