The last lecture in the grand tour was in Boston. There were over 1700 people who came to attend my lecture. The tour was difficult to do in 23 cities in two months. I started with Phoenix. But what I can say about this tour is that people in America are eager to learn about the pharaohs. Because over 40,000 people came to my lectures. I can say that all of these people came to my lectures because they have seen me in the Television.

I used to meet the VPI attendees from 04:45 pm to 05:45 pm to answer their questions and after that the lecture used to start with an 8 minutes video, made about me. Then I show up and start my talk for about 120 minutes and receive questions for half an hour then sign books for one hour. 
I was happy to see our Ambassador in Washignton D.C who gave a beautiful introduction to tell the people that Egypt is safe . He also hosted a beautiful reception and invited many great people in Art, Science and Politics. He is a great man. Also our ambassador inLos Angeles made a speech. Also, the ambassador in Chicago is wonderful and arranged for me to meet the Egyptologist in the oriental institute of Chicago. Also, Ambassador and general council of Huston. All of them encouraged the audience to come to Egypt and announced to the public that Egypt is safe.