Two Films in the Making with Leslie Greif and Peter Isacksen!

This is Leslie Greif and Peter Isacksen. I met them 20 years ago. First, Peter produced two great events with me. The first was a live show from Giza with Maury Povich. Also, at the Baharia Oasis, the Valley of the Golden Mummies live show. Peter brought Leslie to meet me. Leslie was the executive producer of the “The Valley of the Golden Mummies” at Baharia. Since then we have become good friends. Leslie also created and appeared with me in “Chasing Mummies.” I visit them in LA. The two of them also did a live show with Josh Gates at the site of Al-Ghorifa with me. Now, they are working with me on two films. One on Netflix about the search for Imhotep and the second for Discovery on king Tutankhamun.