Zahi Hawass Announces a Unique Discovery in the Valley of the Kings

The first Egyptian archaeological mission working in the Valley of the Monkeys, and the Valley of the Kings, announced on Thursday unique discoveries. The mission that is led by Zahi Hawass uncovered an industrial zone that includes a pottery making over, tanks for storing water, and workmen huts. The industrial area is believed to have been used to serve the needs of the workmen camping in the area during their work at the royal tombs of the valley. Among the most important finds are inlays that used to decorate coffins. Shafts that house leftovers of an embalming workshop was also found.

The area continues to reveal more discoveries, as Zahi Hawass believes that tombs of the royal Amarna family might still be hidden between the tomb of Amenhotep III and the tomb of Ay in the Valley of the Monkeys

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