Zahi Hawass awarded at Olomouc

Zahi Hawass Honored by the Film Academy Festival Held by Palacky
University in the city of Olomouc

This festival started in 1996., 55 years ago and it is always held in
the city of Olomouc, the second largest city in the Czech republic. It
is a festival inviting famous people in the film business and
documentary field, with big attendees such as NOVA , Discovery, BBC
among others.
Through last week. the festival organizers screened many documentaries
about topics ranging from the environment to archeology. This year
they did showed two of Zahi Hawass Films made with Discovery channel.

Zahi Hawass gave a lecture about his discoveries; it was attended by
many people inside the very famous hall “Holy Body”, one of the most
famous halls in the country. The lecture was about the discoveries of
Hawass such as the tombs of the pyramid builders, the robot inside the
great pyramid, the CT scan for the discovery of the mummy of
Tutankhamun’s family, the death of Ramses III and the discovery of the
mummy of queen Hatshepsut. Then, the director of the festival and the
president of the university honored Hawass with a prize of the
festival. This prize is given to scientists who are able to make
science simple and digestible to larger audiences