Zahi Hawass draws a Smile on Children’s Faces at 57357 Children Cancer Hospital

Last week, Dr. Hawass visited 57357 Children Cancer Hospital in Cairo to visit the children and spend time with them. Dr. Hawass is calling for everyone to donate their time to the children in this hospital. After the warm reception by the children, Dr. Hawass was also taken on a tour around to see the new developments and the scientific labs.

Being entirely dependent on donations, the 57357 hospital became not only the largest cancer hospital for children in the Middle East, treating thousands of children at no charge, but it also has state-of-the-art laboratories that are accredited by international health organizations. It is truly an advanced facility, and every staff member is well educated in the proper handling of food, children, toys, and medical equipment.

Dr. Hawass is encouraging everyone to support this hospital. Whether a visit to the children or a small amount of money, any form of support can greatly contribute to the development of 57357, and the health of Egypt’s children.
Many thanks to 57357 hospital for maintaining the high standards and putting the lives and health of the children first.

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